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Spindle Predictive Technology

Use your iPad as a state of the art vibration analyzer, balancer, and alignment testing. Used in conjunction with our custom hardware and the VibePro apps, you can anticipate breakdowns and adjust balancing on the factory floor. This low cost ultra precise technology will extend the productive life of your spindle and save money on repairs and down time.
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Industries That Need Spindle Repairs

Aerospace Industry Spindle Repair

Our spindle repair services have successfully served its many aerospace customers for decades. We supply quality spindle products and offer comprehensive spindle repair services that have consistently exceeded the demands of a rapidly changing aerospace industry. GTI Spindle is proud to be the supplier of choice for many multi-national aerospace corporations, including Boeing, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon..

Agricultural Industry Spindle Rebuilds

Spindle repair is an essential service for the agricultural equipment industry. So much of the agricultural industry is dependent on the reliability and accuracy of high speed spindles. We are happy to be a renowned spindle repair company that repairs and services a wide variety of precision spindles. Our years of service and dedication has given us an industry-wide reputation as one of the nation's leaders in Spindle repair.

Automotive Industry Spindle Remanufacturing

Our spindle repair services have been a part of the automotive industry for decades. We not only repair spindles but we see supplies and parts that will assure automotive manufacturers that they are getting maximum production from their machining tools. our extensive experience in this arena gives us a distinct advantage over other spindle repair companies. We have facilities near some of the major automotive manufacturer's in the United States.

Heavy Construction Industry Spindle Repairs

The heavy construction equipment industry relies on quality spindle repair. For decades we'be been supplying grinding spindles, high speed spindles, and electric spindle products, to manufacturers of heavy construction industry. Our rigorous testing of spindles that we repair ensure that when they go back to the floor that they are running better than they were when they were new.

Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds for OEM Industry Clients

Our OEM partnerships are one more reason why we are considered one of the nation's leading spindle repair and rebuild companies in the United States. Our goal is to assure the end user of a quality product that will perform precision work at high speeds with greater lengths of time between repairs.


Our spindle repair services are available 24/7. Call us for an estimate on the cost and turnaround time. Let us help you minimize your down time and maximize the productivity of your spindle. Call 888.473.9675 or fill out our contact form.

Learn more about GTI Spindle Technology

We have someone taking customer calls 24 hours a day. We can give you an estimate on cost and the time we need to get your spindle back to the floor within a day or two.

AND we pick up and deliver. We have three state of the art facilities located around the country, so you can save time and money for shipping. OR we can come to your site and do the spindle repair at your location.


iPad Vibration Analyzer

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