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Spindle Predictive Technology

Use your iPad as a state of the art vibration analyzer, balancer, and alignment testing. Used in conjunction with our custom hardware and the VibePro apps, you can anticipate breakdowns and adjust balancing on the factory floor. This low cost ultra precise technology will extend the productive life of your spindle and save money on repairs and down time.
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About the E-Series

Up to 320 x 240 pixels resolution
The FLIR E-Series infrared image resolution ranges from 160x120 pixels to 320x240 pixels depending on camera model. Every additional pixel means more valuable temperature information to isolate problem areas.

Compact and lightweight
FLIR E-Series models weigh only 825g (battery included).

Extremely rugged
FLIR E-Series thermal imaging cameras withstand a 2 meter drop. They are IP54 rated.

High quality visual camera
Visible light camera makes observing and inspecting faster and easier.

Thumbnail image gallery
An easy-to-access thumbnail image gallery helps you to quickly review and find your thermal images.

± 2% accuracy
High accuracy of ± 2% or ± 2 °C of reading.

LCD touch screen
Large 3.5" LCD color touch screen.

Built-in LED light
The built-in LED lamp ensures quality visual images regardless of job site lighting levels.

Long life battery
With a 4 hour battery life its easy-to-replace Lithium Ion batteries will keep up with your demanding schedule.

Laser Pointer
A conveniently located button activates the laser pointer that will help you associate the hot or cold spot in the thermal image with the real physical target in the field.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
With the PiP-function it is easy to locate areas of interest.

Thermal Fusion*
Merges visual and thermal images to offer better analysis.

Instant reports*
Create instant reports directly in camera. Easy to copy reports to USB.

Text and voice annotations*
Text comments can be made from a pre-defined list or by using the touch screen. A headset can be connected to make voice annotations.

Interchangeable lenses
In order to adapt the FLIR E-Series to every situation both wide angle and tele-lenses are available.

Connect to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, using the FLIR Tools mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for processing and sharing results as well as for remote control.

* Features dependent on camera model, please check technical specifications for more details.

E-Series Tech Specs

FLIR Online Store

Learn more about GTI Spindle Technology

We have someone taking customer calls 24 hours a day. We can give you an estimate on cost and the time we need to get your spindle back to the floor within a day or two.

AND we pick up and deliver. We have three state of the art facilities located around the country, so you can save time and money for shipping. OR we can come to your site and do the spindle repair at your location.


iPad Vibration Analyzer

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