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Spindle Predictive Technology

Use your iPad as a state of the art vibration analyzer, balancer, and alignment testing. Used in conjunction with our custom hardware and the VibePro apps, you can anticipate breakdowns and adjust balancing on the factory floor. This low cost ultra precise technology will extend the productive life of your spindle and save money on repairs and down time.
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The Software

Our Software

Our iPad system is designed to work with an entire catalogue of supported apps. All of these apps are available in the iTunes App Store and may be added to any iPad system after initial purchase. The apps detailed below our the core apps that we most highly recommend. A full list of supported applications can be found in the sidebar to the left. 


The foundation of GTI's platform is VibePro. This vibration analyzer application features both single measurement and full route creation and capture functionality. Temperature data can also be recorded through the NODE Therma Pro accessory. VibePro talks directly to our web application Equipment Monitoring System for even more advanced and thorough post-processing. Reports can be generated in VibePro or through the web application. 


iRotorBalancer is a technical tool for balancing of rotating machinery in single-plane and two-planes. This balancing application is used for field balancing. It includes full reporting capabilities. 


BalancePro is GTI's shop balancing assistant. It works great for those balancing on a stanchion and in other shop balancing situations. It is designed to perform measurements of vibrations and calculations in horizontal balancing machines. The app measures the running speed (1X) filtered vibration amplitude and relative phase with a reference mark in the rotor to allow full balancing.


iVibraMeter is a tool for machine condition monitoring. The iPad application connects to the DAQ box and collects in real time the overall RMS vibration (acceleration or velocity), and displays the value together with the severity bar based in different industry standards. This tool is perfect for those looking to certify machines according to ISO specifications. 


The GTI ShaftLaser features an easy to use shaft alignment interface - in a 3D environment with live alignment diagrams and graduated tolerance control to display both acceptable and excellent tolerances. GTI’s VibePro Machine Maintenance Events directly integrates with the Shaft Alignment app for an even better predictive maintenance system. This application works in conjunction with the GTI ShaftLaser hardware; which connects to the iPad wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. 

Learn more about GTI Spindle Technology

We have someone taking customer calls 24 hours a day. We can give you an estimate on cost and the time we need to get your spindle back to the floor within a day or two.

AND we pick up and deliver. We have three state of the art facilities located around the country, so you can save time and money for shipping. OR we can come to your site and do the spindle repair at your location.


iPad Vibration Analyzer