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Aerospace Industry

GTI Spindle Technology has successful served its Aerospace customers for many years, supplying spindle products, sales and services that have consistently exceeded the demands of a rapidly changing Aerospace industry, and is proud to be the supplier of choice for many multi-national corporations to include Boeing, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon to name a few.

At GTI, we are fully committed in offering our Aerospace spindle repair customers with the highest-quality, most reliable, cost-effective spindle products that meet all of their specifications-and exceeds all of their expectations.
Our Aerospace Services
  • Scheduled spindle maintenance
  • In-house and on-site spindle service
  • Emergency spindle service
  • Spindle remanufacturing
  • Spindle upgrade services
  • Preventative maintenance and training

By integrating new technology in our practices, we can ensure our Aerospace customers that our spindle products have met all ISO specifications. Our team of quality spindle repair technicians and engineers undergo continuous training and education. They strive to introduce and implement best practices to our spindle manufacturing facility so that we may better address the challenges many of our Aerospace customers face in their day to day business operations.

The results – our Aerospace customers achieve continued success by sustaining their competitive advantage in the global marketplace. There are numerous advantages for our Aerospace spindle customers when they choose GTI for their spindle needs, regardless of the size of their project.
GTI's Value
Our manufacturing facilities are staffed by extensively trained and experienced technical and engineering teams that are fully committed to finding new methods of continually improving our spindle operations.
Our Process
  • We conduct thorough failure analysis
  • We employ successive bench testing processes
  • We integrate innovative value-added service solutions and superior finished machine tool spindles
  • Our spindle products comply with our Aerospace customers exact specifications and requirements

In addition, we consistently deliver competitive, cost-effective, and timely spindle service to the Aerospace industry that in essence minimizes production downtime, reduces inaccuracies and produces a high performance product. We encourage you to contact our aerospace spindle repair, sales and service department at GTI to learn more about how your company can leverage the expertise of our staff so that your Aerospace company may remain competitive.

One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles. If you have any spindle repair questions, please call 888.473.9675 or email: And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program!