Spindle Repair

We meet or exceed OEM specifications on all spindle repairs.


Spindle Vibration Analysis

Use your iPad as a precision vibration analyzer.


Spindle Motor Repair

Spindle Repair for the Automotive, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Industries.


Spindle Repair, High Precision Spindle Rebuild, and Spindle Vibration Analysis

Our spindle repair facilities offer state of the art diagnostics, OEM specification rebuilds, and precision run-out testing with three facilities in the U.S.
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Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Broken Spindle? Send Us a Free Quote Request or Call Toll Free

Spindle repair, spindle rebuild and spindle vibration analysis products are just some of the services we're known for at GTi Spindle Technology. As one of the oldest and largest spindle repair companies in the United States, we can provide you with high quality repair with a quick turn around time. We have spindle repair facilities in three locations in the country, so that means a faster turnaround time. Also, if you're situation makes shipping it to us impractical, then we can come to your site and repair your spindle there.

Our long time strategic partnerships with OEMs in the spindle industry gives us the ability to provide precision spindle repair services that meet or exceed the original specifications for run out measurements. Whether you're in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, or manufacturing industry we've repaired hundreds of precision spindles made by a wide variety of manufacturers—from ASV to Yoyo.

We developed our vibration analysis technology products so you can plan for your spindle down time just by using dedicated software, hardware, and a standard iPad. It's amazingly sophisticated with a reasonable price tag.

Need a spindle repaired? Call us now for a quote on the cost and turnaround time. We'll have your spindle back on the job in no time.




"Everyone here is extremely happy with GTIs work last week. It’s nice to have a vendor-partner that you can count on to come through for you every time. And just so you know, I have been asked by many, many vendors to try their spindle services and turned down all of them. I also did something I never do which is offer my personal recommendation of your company to a gentleman that was calling on behalf of one of your competitors. I value my reputation and credibility too much to vouch for anyone else but I have made my first exception. Please pass along my thanks to your folks in the states-especially Eric and the guys in Bloomington." - HITACHI

Spindle Predictive Technology

Our award-winning vibration analysis technology is a product of our years of experience repairing crashed spindles. With a standard iPad, our customized hardware, and the VibePro application programs we created a state of the art spindle vibration analysis system at a fraction of the cost of other predictive spindle technologies. This means you can identify problems and anticipate repairs rather than reacting to spindle breakdowns. Find out how you can save on repair costs and reduce down time with our predictive technologies. 
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We have someone taking customer calls 24 hours a day. We can give you an estimate on cost and the time we need to get your spindle back to the floor within a day or two.

AND we pick up and deliver. We have three state of the art facilities located around the country, so you can save time and money for shipping. OR we can come to your site and do the spindle repair at your location.


iPad Vibration Analyzer

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