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100 Years of Spindle Excellence.

GTI Spindle Technology is the definitive source for unparalleled ultra precision spindle repairs, spindle products and spindle services for a diverse range of industries worldwide including Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Metalworking, Heavy Industry, Machine Tool OEM’s, Optical, Agricultural, Medical, Machine Shop, Machine Tool Service Providers, Machine Tool Rebuilders and Retrofitters, Stone and Woodworking..

GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. is a full-service precision spindle manufacturer, spindle sales and spindle service provider for an extensive range of machine tool spindles and applications. We’ve earned our commanding reputation and sustained a continuum of successful growth based on the practice of total quality management and one guiding principal: our mutual success depends on providing exceptional total quality spindle services and spindle repairs that maximize the value of your operations.
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Over a century of combined manufacturing experience has taught us that process quality governs product quality. GTI Spindle Technology is fully prepared to meet the most demanding customer deadlines with lean and efficient manufacturing practices. GTI Spindle Technology maintains strategic partnerships with preeminent manufacturers in the industry to provide our valued customers with precision spindle services including spindle repairs, spindle rebuilding and spindle remanufacturing of the finest quality.

About GTI Spindle

Who is GTI Spindle Technology?
One of the world’s largest & fastest growing machine tool spindle re-builders with four repair facilities in the USA

What does GTI do?
Re-manufactures machine tool spindles. Specializing in High Speed Motorized Milling, HMC, VMCs, Turning Centers, & High Frequency Grinding Spindles. We also sell spindle and predictive maintenance related products from Flir, Jager, Bijur and Dittel.

What T.I.R. does GTI repair spindles to?
We guarantee .0001” or better T.I.R. If tighter tolerances are needed: No problem

Is GTI factory-authorized to rebuild spindles?
Yes. GTI is authorized to rebuild spindles for numerous OEMs. Just ask for our list.

What type of component rehab does GTI perform?
Tapers, Pilot I.D.s, Bearing Journals, Splines Housing Bores, Drive Keys, Drawbars, etc.

Does GTI perform vibration analysis?
Yes. All spindles are run-in while performing vibration analysis. Written documentation is provided with all re-manufactured spindles.

Beyond Repair - Flir/Jager/Bijur